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Mountain Lab is a unique innovation accelerator and design firm located in the mountains of east TN.

Our facility offers advanced design and manufacturing tools to members, much like an industrial makerspace.

The staff of experienced designers, engineers, and developers is here to tackle your toughest business problem or to help you launch your new business.

Our Services

  • Industrial Design

    Our in-house industrial design team is ready to tackle your design challenge. With deep and wide expertise, our staff can develop the next great product, car, furnishing, user experience, or any combination of these!

  • Engineering Design

    Mountain Lab is capable of a wide range of technical design and engineering tasks. Our in-house engineering team brings together knowledge and experience to tackle any problem from tiny circuit boards to water run-off.

  • Start-Up Help

    Mountain Lab offers a wide range of start-up help to those in southern Appalachia. Our team of experienced entrepreneurs and mentors can assist any start-up with legal help, financing, manufacturing, outsourcing, and more.

  • Prototyping

    Our micro-production facility is ready to handle your fabrication needs! Mountain Lab offers advanced CNC and automated machine tools, high-performance materials, and a plethora of 3D printing and rapid prototyping options.

About Mountain Lab

Mountain Lab is one part accelerator, one part design firm, and two parts technology all shook up.

We operate in two different but overlapping ways.

1 - We offer design services. Everything from graphic design, industrial design, user experience design, engineering design, architectural design, and more are all in our realm of expertise.
2 - We are a community business accelerator and workshop where anyone can come and learn to use design and fabrication tools to create prototypes for their start-up business or their own enjoyment.

Our Strengths

Industrial Design




Start-Up Help




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